Schnitzel Tuesday & All-You-Can-Meat Wednesday
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Visit Your Local Bavarian for Schnitzel Tuesday and All-You-Can-Meat Wednesday

Ouch. Looking at your stacked calendar, full of Zoom meetings and deadlines? There’s only one thing that can remedy the mid-week slump: a visit to The Bavarian, of course! Get together with your mates and order some of our weekly specials for a delicious spin on the workday blues.

Go wild with a full-on Schnitty Fest on Schnitty Tuesday, or get everyone in a good mood by kicking off the most legendary meat-ing, All-You-Can-Eat Meat Wednesday. Our huge plate of schnitzel comes with chips for $9.95 only, and can also be loaded up with a lil extra! If you want to see how far you can push it, you may as well come back on Wednesday. Prepare your appetite for meat platters at $35 per person, stacked with all the fixings for a classic German party. We also offer imported beverages that are sure to be just what you need to wash away the day’s worries!

Who knew a hectic weekday could end on such a high note, huh? With The Bavarian, lunch and dinner are definitely sorted! For more details, keep reading below:

Schnitty Up An Ordinary Tuesday At The Bavarian!

Nothing screams “German” like schnitzel, right? Fear not, because you don’t have to go far to enjoy the crispiest schnitzel in town. Get away from the stacks of papers on your desk, or get some bonding time with your coworkers with Schnitty Tuesday at your local Bavarian!

Treat yourself to a classic schnitty and chips at our Schnitty Fest for only $9.95. For an additional $10, you can have it loaded with either The Bavarian’s Matterhorn or Godfather Schnitties! Why not, right?

Put Your Appetite To The Test Every Wednesday

Warning: don’t visit The Bavarian on Wednesdays unless you’re bringing your most voracious appetite! Our All-You-Can-Meat menu is an all-out, real German feast: crispy pig belly, golden-crumbed chicken schnitzels, German sausages and BBQ wings galore!

This huge platter also includes sauerkraut and gravy piled high to accompany all that protein, because here, we’re all about a balanced diet of course. Feel free to add side dishes, like fries, mash and salad, for $5 each or all 3 for just $10!

Add Some Guilty Pleasures To Your Week With The Bavarian

Extra, extra, eat all about it! The Bavarian is here to facilitate a dining experience unlike any other! So make a reservation with us now and feast on enormous portions of authentic German dishes with your crew.

Click here to learn more about our menus, locations, and other special events.

*Schnitty Tuesday offer is available at select venues.

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