Gather Your Mates For An Epic Weekly Specials
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Gather Your Mates For The Bavarian’s Epic Weekly Specials

Go above and beyond with the ANZ region’s go-to German diner The Bavarian almost every day of the week! Make sure to come hungry and gather up your mates, because we’re satiating your ravaging appetite Monday through Thursday, and even on Sunday with our colossal feasts.

Our new weekly specials* feature an ever-evolving menu, so we’re giving you the gift of variety! Every time you come, we’re cooking up something hot and different. Indulge in chicken wings drenched in sauce, DIY schnitzels piled high with epic toppings, flavoursome meat platters, and tender burgers that you won’t be able to resist!

If you think you’ve heard it all, think again! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on our menu, because on some days, we’re throwing in mouthwatering side dishes like our velvety mashed potatoes or bottomless fries into the mix, just for fun! Belly up to a fantastic German feast when you visit one of our venues this week. Start and end your week right with The Bavarian! Keep reading to know more about our tantalisingly tempting weekly specials.

Massive Feasts? The Bavarian Has Got You Covered!

Everyone knows that Mondays tend to be a little rough, but at The Bavarian, we have scrumptious $1 wings a pop* to cheer you up! Find some Monday motivation with the chicken wings that are so juicy and delicious that you just can’t stop snacking on them. What’s more, they are doused in the hottest or the tastiest sauces, so pick your delectable poison!

The minimum order is 10 wings, available every Monday, all day. So, call your colleagues, call your friends, call your family, and book a table at The Bavarian today.

$15 Schnitzel Tuesday* is the day to get a little more inventive. We know that your parents probably told you not to play with your food, but we at The Bavarian embrace it! Unleash your inner chef and create your own schnitzel masterpiece.

Choose between a pork, chicken or plant-based schnitzel base with an incredible selection of sauces and toppings at your disposal. Top your base with pork belly bites and Kielbasa sausage, or try the smashed avo, bacon and fried egg if you’re feeling fancy! We have mac-and-cheese-topped schnitzel for the cheese lover, or a leaner choice like a naked schnitzel topped with squid, wilted greens and parmesan.

Beat the mid-week blues with our All-You-Can-Meat Wednesday and Thursday Burgers*! With the $35pp All-You-Can-Meat platters, you’ll get more crispy pork belly, golden chicken schnitzel, traditional German sausages, saucy buffalo wings, sauerkraut, red cabbage and bier jus all served up on one deliciously heaped plate!

A minimum of 2 guests per booking is required, and you can even choose from sides of fries, mash or a garden salad. Each is available for $5 each or you go all out and get them all for $10!

$10 Burgers on Thursday*? Sounds like a plan to us! To top off an already fantastic week, we offer our juiciest and most delicious burger with unlimited fries for an extra $5. All you have to do is purchase any full-priced drink at The Bavarian, choose between our Beef or Schnitty burger, and the deal is yours.

A Sunday family roast can be on the cards, all without even lifting a finger! The Bavarian has your back with a Big Sunday Pork Roast* for only $30 per person. Aside from the perfectly cooked pork roast, this lavish feast is already complete with all the trimmings: buttery roasted potatoes tossed in bacon crisps, wilted greens, apple compote, and bier jus.

Come Visit Us Now

With The Bavarian’s Weekly Specials*, there is no need to stress out deciding on what you will have for dinner during the week. Eat like a beast with your pals and choose from dishes like loaded schnitzels, succulent burgers, juicy meats and more, all while having a damn good time doing it!

Click here to learn more about our most recent weekly offers, including bookings.

*Available at select Bavarian venues. Find out more details here.

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