Celebrate Father’s Day with a Feast Fit for A King
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Celebrate Father’s Day at The Bavarian with a Feast Fit for A King

Fathers can take a whole lot of forms, and Father’s Day is about celebrating them in all their definitions. The man that raised you, helped you out, and is there for you no matter what gets his own day only once a year, so why not treat him like royalty with the meal of his dreams? He deserves it for the dad jokes alone, right?

On September 4th, leave the heavy lifting to The Bavarian and show your father how much he means to you by treating him like the absolute king he is! This local German restaurant is known for its energy and massive servings, and what more can any dad really want? Our Father’s Day feast features our legendary Pork Belly Roast with all the insanely delicious trimmings, and dad will return home feeling full and appreciated.

But hang on, because it doesn’t stop there! It’s not a celebration of dads without having the beer flowing, is it? As part of your incredible Father’s Day treat, get him a stein of ice-cold German beer from our wide selection! We know: it all sounds exactly like something your dad will love. Read on and get cracking on our Father’s Day deal for all the awesome dads out there!

Go All Out This Father’s Day with The Bavarian

With work getting more hectic and people’s lives seemingly filling up more and more, any excuse to get the whole family together is one that we take! There’s only one condition of course: that everyone brings their biggest appetites for our slow-roasted, crackling pork belly!

At only $30 per person, our juicy and tender dish draws the attention of everyone in the room as soon as it comes, steaming hot, out of our kitchen! The sides are showstoppers in their own right, including buttery roasted potatoes with herby goodness, mouthwatering bacon crisps, wilted greens, apple compote, and a silky bier jus on top! We believe in balance, so the flavour notes of salty, bitter, and sweet will leave you all fighting with your forks for the next bite!

The picture just isn’t really complete without a frothy stein of German beer though, is it? We have an impressive lineup of imported beers, so tell your dad that his pick is your treat, and let him select his favourite.

More Father’s Favourites at The Bavarian

Because everything on our food menu at The Bavarian is top-notch delicious, we don’t blame you for having trouble deciding what to dig into next! Here, all appetites are satiated with our crowd favourites, such as our classic and unbeatable schnitzels! Served with your choice of fries, mash, or potato salad, you can also enjoy a meal the Bavarian way with a good ol’ wurst platter for the table.

Roll Out the Red Carpet for All Fathers Out There

There’s always room for a little extra at The Bavarian, and especially for a special occasion like Father’s Day! When you pop into any of our venues across the ANZ region, we’re giving your dad the service he deserves. So, what are you waiting for? Start dreaming of that pork belly and raise a stein to your dad. Book a table now and get your dad excited for his special treatment!


*The Bavarian practices the responsible service of alcohol. RSA applies.
*Steins are not available in ACT.

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